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Service to a spiritual life

Spiritual strength frequently comes through selfless service

The highlight of living at Gujarat Global Retreat Centre will be the divine atmosphere and opportunity for unlimited service. Receive spiritual sustenance and classes from Dadis & Senior teachers. Every day will start with Amret Vela and Murli class. Public programs, seminars and courses will be ongoing. Enjoy celebration of special festivals.

Service is the breath of Brahmin life. GGRC provides a platform for serving in various ways. From Day 1, as soon as the land was found service began and it’s been growing rapidly ever since.

Let’s explore and have a deep look here:

Year: 2021

Year: 2020

  • Opening 1 Bunglow 250 yds & 5 Flats 1BHK

    The newly constructed 1 bungalow and 5 flats of the members of GGRC were inaugurated by keeping the Kumbhghada.

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  • Diwali Get to Gather of Maninagar Group Teachers & MOU Signing with Dehgam Collage

    On Deepawali festival, affectionate meeting was organized for all the teachers of Maninagar subzone specially at the GGRC Retreat Center. This was the first meeting of the teachers of Maninagar subzone with the Gujarat Zone Incharge, the Respected Sister Bharti. Being Deepawali festival very near, Respected Sister was decorated like mother of universe, Luxmi and 108 kinds of decorated Annakoot (salty, sweet toli) were given. Along with the Respected Sister Bharti, Cultural programs and Deepawali was celebrated. After that, a meeting was organized on the occasion of New Year and a fabulous Brahmabhojan was also organized. On this occasion, in the presence of Principal Dr. Bhatt of Dehgam College MOU was signed for the syllabus of value education.

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  • Garba at GGRC SSB and Lotus Niwasis

    On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, the Brothers and Sisters of Sukh Shanti Bhawan, Lotus House and those in contact of service centers enjoyed Ras-Garba.

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  • GGRC Member's Get to Gather & Meeting

    Conducting the site visits to the members of GGRC, a meeting was organized in place of the retreat to inform about the business. Brother Dr. Mukesh, B.K. Sister Neha, B.K. Sister Usha, B.K. Sister Amar gave inspiration.

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  • Dehgam Center's Yog Bhatthi

    In the collective furnace of Dehgam and centers of Bareja, brahmins took full advantage of the furnace. B.K. Sister Usha (Rajyog Bhavan) and B.K. Sister Pragya (Nicole) got the furnace done.

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  • Dehgam-2 & Bareja Center's Yog Bhatthi

    In the collective furnace of Dehgam and centers of Bareja, brahmins took full advantage of the furnace. B.K. Sister Usha (Rajyog Bhavan) and B.K. Sister Pragya (Nicole) got the furnace done.

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  • Talod Center's Yog Bhatthi

    B.K. Sister Manju (Ramnagar) and Sister Dr. Jayshree fostered the zeal for the austerity among Brothers and Sisters reached on the newly constructed retreat place in progress from Talod service place. After noon, all benefited from the sensations of creative method of meditation.

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  • Odhav, Vastral Center's Yog Bhatthi

    The Brahmins, who came from the Odhav and Vastral service centres, did a furnace in silence for the whole day. To ease the austerity of Brothers and Sisters, B.K. Sister Bharti (Lotus House) and B.K. Sister Pragya (Nicole) and B.K. Brother Dev (Sukh Shanti Bhavan) gave guidance.

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  • Maninagar Group Center's Kumar's Bhatthi

    Senior B.K. Brother Raju, from Mount Abu, B.K. Sister Tripti of Bhavnagar sub zone gave special inspiration to all Kumars of Maninagar sub zone, by telling Kumar life as blessed life. 150 Kumars took benefit of it. Their supernatural birthday was celebrated.

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  • Chiloda Center's Yog Bhatthi

    The Brothers and Sisters of Chiloda Centre organized a refresher program at the GGRC Retreat Centre. For whose help B.K. Sister Usha (Rajyog Bhavan) and B.K. Sister Mita (Bopal) lent a helping hand.

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  • Yog Bhatthi-(80 Participants Benifited)

    The auspicious begining of the furnace organized for the families living in GGRC was done by B.K. Sister Amar and B.K. Sister Usha (Rajyog Bhavan). 80 people took benefit.

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  • Ushadidi Mt. Abu Visit at GGRC

    A Madhuban resident, Respected B.K. Sister Usha, laid her footsteps on the newly constructed Retreat land in progress and gave her good wishes for the project after observing.

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  • Rakhiyal Center's Yog Bhatthi

    The Brothers and Sisters of Rakhial Service centre practiced by taking advantage of the location of the retreat. They got guidance from B.K. Brother Dev (Sukh Shanti Bhavan) and GGRC member Sister Daksha.

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Year: 2019

Year: 2018

Year: 2017

Year: 2016

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