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6th June 2021

Inauguration of Mamma’s Meditation Room at GGRC on Memorial Day of Rajyogini Sarla Didi Ji

Inauguration of Mamma’s Room

10 AM, Sunday, 6th June 2021

Senior BK sisters and brothers received a warm welcome near a huge beautifully decorated Shivling at the outer entrance to Mamma’s Room, where the setup for the unveiling of the curtain was arranged to be inaugurated remotely by Dr. Nirmala Didi from Mount Abu followed by ribbon cutting on the Main entrance gate to the Meditation room of Mamma. BK Neha Didi, BK Amar Didi, BK Mukesh Bhai, BK Usha Behen, BK Vijaya Didi and BK Nandini Behen along with few other BK brothers and sisters were present in Mamma’s Room to light the lamp and spend some time in Yoga.

Sister Jignasa coordinated the event at Mamma’s Room.

Blessings from BK Nirmala Didi

Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris, Live from Mount Abu

Nirmala Didi inaugurated Mamma’s Room, remotely from Mount Abu by unveiling the curtains and cutting the ribbon. She expressed her love to Mamma and Sarla Didi.

“Om Shanti. The temple devoted to Ambaji present in Gujarat is the largest of its kind in the world. Now, just like that temple, Mamma’s Room will be the first establishment dedicated to Mamma. This room will bring benefits and serve as a safe haven for many people who reside in and visit GGRC. It was my fortune for being able to attend Mama’s versions on her very first day of life and Mamma plays a powerful role in my early days of Gyan. I have been able to spend time with Mamma in Mumbai. Mamma used to travel a lot between Mumbai and Pune, therefore through Dadi Janki’s inspirations, Jagdambaa Bhavan has been established in Pune and you all have created Mamma’s special room in Gujarat, so many congratulations to you all.”

Ambulance Inauguration

A 24/7 patient transport ambulance with oxygen facility was inaugurated for the residents of GGRC.

Stage Program (10:30 AM)

Initial proceedings

After the Inauguration of Mamma’s Room, everyone gathered at the pavilion for the Stage Program and pay their tribute to Sarla Didi Ji. BK Neha Didi, BK Amar Didi, BK Mukesh Bhai, BK Usha Behen, BK Vijaya Didi seated on stage to express their gratitude and provide various insights about Mamma, Sarla Didi and the significance of this day.

Nandini Behen coordinated the Stage Program with grace and diligence. Damini Behen touched hearts of the BK family by a beautiful song for Mamma and Sarla Didi with her elegant singing.

Welcome note by BK Usha Behen

Rajayog Bhavan Coordinator

Usha Behen welcomed everybody by remembering how through the guidance of Baap Dada, we had stepped foot on this land, and for this she expressed her gratitude. She mentioned how Mamma wanted centres to be opened in every state. With the help and goodwill of many Brothers and Sisters, GGRC has been able to progress quickly with this project.

Now that Mamma has come to GGRC, progress will happen even more rapidly. Several BK members’ schedule had been disturbed due to Covid-19 but Baba arranged everything for us to celebrate this important day.

Well-wishes by BK Neha Behen

Maninagar Sub-zone Incharge

Neha Didi shared with us how Sarla Didi came to Gujarat from Mumbai at the age of 16, when there were about 3 centres here. By the time she left us, in 2019, there were 450+ centres in this state; she spent countless hours travelling to villages and towns to spread Baba’s wisdom. She was always keen about newness in spiritual services and she envisioned Gujarat to be the foremost in the spiritual journey.

She tells us how Sarla Didi always desired to create a Room for Mamma, especially because it hadn’t been established anywhere else before. With this vision, she, along with BK Mukesh Bhai and several BK members began construction of Mamma’s Room in GGRC. Now that Mamma’s Room has been developed completely, it is as much a legacy to her as it is to Mamma herself.

She then proceeds to talk about the qualities of Mamma. “Mamma was able to fulfill the wishes of all who were gifted by her presence, hence the name, Jagad Ambaa. After surrendering in service, when Janki Dadi met Mamma, she was deeply struck by her persona. Mamma was so powerful with her Drishti that she was able to calm down any form of anger. Akin to Laxmi, every place that she stepped in has become wealthier today. Today, we have inaugurated Mamma’s room which will serve to commemorate her love and teachings to us all.”

Seniors of Brahma Kumaris graced us virtually and gave their tributes to Sarla Didi.

Ratan Mohini Dadi, Brijmohan Bhai and Bharti Didi share their heartfelt homage and love virtually by sharing their well-wishes and experiences with Sarla Didi.

Kailash Didi shares virtually

Gandhinagar Centre Coordinator

“A very important celebrity has left us. She left us with priceless wisdom. After I had spent a few years with BK, she encouraged me to read Murli daily and always pushed me gently to become a better person.

I would often feel incompetent in various services but she helped me change this mindset and taught me to become more self-confident.

Every time I faced any difficulties, she would rush to help me. She has helped advance the entire world, not just Gujarat. We could not have accomplished all this without her sheer dedication to the cause.

I want to thank Sarla Didi and everyone who has contributed to the development of GGRC.

I am expressing my heartfelt tribute to our beloved Sarla Didi.”

Vijaya Didi

Sidhhpur Centre Coordinator

Vijaya Didi gives a warm welcome to the BK family and talks about her time spent close with Sarla Didi from a very young age. “Om Shanti. In 1968, when I went to Madhuban to meet Brahma Baba and voiced my wish to surrender my life in service, Brahma Baba sent me straight to Sarla Didi in Gujarat to learn and grow. It was wonderful for me since my parents lived in Ahmedabad. At the time, there were only 3 centres in Gujarat. As a child, she taught me everything with utmost patience, from housework to Raja Yoga. In everything I did, she never scolded me, but communicated lovingly. Her behaviour and ways of teaching were very simple. She was very polite and precise in her speech and had a great dedication towards cleanliness of the home. Now she isn’t with us, but her nature and teachings will always stay with us.”

Website Launch by Stage Dignitaries

Nandini Didi talks about the vital role played by the Internet and social media in the development of GGRC. Up till now, a rudimentary website had been used for GGRC but an IT team was formed among BK members who worked very hard to renovate the website: within the deadline of June 6.

The revamped version of the website was launched by the seniors seated on the stage for everyone to see. Everyone in the IT team is called upon stage and are given a heartfelt thanks.

Vote of Thanks by Dr. Mukesh Bhai

Director of GGRC

“Om Shanti. I have been very grateful to be given the responsibility for overseeing the efforts put in GGRC and Mamma’s Room. Even when I was young, I had the wish to plan and construct buildings & various civil projects and Baba has fulfilled this wish now.” He thanks every BK sister and brother who contributed to this project, including the IT team who developed the website. “All of you who participated in this project are very special.”

“I promise you all that whoever steps foot in Mamma’s Room with a pure heart will be able to experience the powerful atmosphere and presence of Mamma.” He thanked the team who aided in the decoration of the Room. He thanked the engineers and BK brothers for putting enormous efforts in developing the Room before the sharp deadline of June 6.

Mukesh Bhai proceeds to outline some future plans and talks about completion of GGRC by 27th March 2022 on the Memorial Day of Dadi Janki who laid the foundation stone at GGRC.

He advises the members to proceed in the present with confidence and trust that the future will be magnificent with Baba’s and the family’s support.

Finally, he thanks Nandini Behen for conducting and supervising this event.

Bhog Offering by Amar Didi

Senior Rajyoga Teacher

Amar Didi offered Bhog to Baba and Sarla Didi and brought a beautiful message. All the BKs present were fortunate to witness the presence of Sarla Didi and were blessed by her. The atmosphere was extremely powerful and filled with love and heartfelt tribute to Sarla Didi. The BK family expressed their gratitude towards Amar Didi with a standing ovation.


The residents of GGRC were given spiritual gifts by Amar Didi and Neha Didi and then everyone proceeded for a delicious Brahma Bhojan in loving memory of Beloved Mamma and Dear Sarla Didi Ji.

The Maninagar and GGRC Team expressed their love, gratitude and heartfelt tribute to Sarla Didi Ji for playing an important part in each of our lives.

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