Spiritual growth at G.G.R.C.

You are stronger than you think

How we can grow our spirituality in G.G.R.C...?

Spiritual growth is a process of upgrading our concepts, thoughts, beliefs and ideas and becoming more conscious & aware of our inner being. This process unleashes the inner spirits that are always present but hidden beyond the body-conscious mindset. G.G.R.C is the platform which offers the freedom to experiment with all these interesting ideas. This place will help you to go beyond conditional thinking and realize who you really are with a life free of tension, fear and anxiety.

Growth in Spiritual Knowledge (Gyan)

Murli Spiritual Study

Murli is the Elixir of life. It is the life-saving herb that strengthens the resolve and awakens the mind. The highest versions of knowledge cleanses and purifies oneself. It nourishes and re-energizes the soul to reach its stage of perfection. It’s a link of the soul with the Supreme soul.

Revision & Churning

Churning spiritual knowledge gives us complete authority over that knowledge. Take 15 minutes out of your daily routine every day to think deeply on any topic related to spiritual self-progress. Churning spiritual makes the soul embodiment of divine powers and makes one’s self respect stable and unshakable.

Classes / Workshop / Seminar

There are various opportunities to attend classes, workshops as well as a few seminars. Through this knowledge, there is more clarity in thinking and effectiveness in actions. We can use the jewels of spiritual knowledge in serving others. The classes help to let go of negative and waste thoughts, makes the soul feel lighter and provides strength.

Growth in Meditation Practices (Yoga)

Silence Meditation

Meditation is the foundation of spiritual life. It allows one to experience a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. Silence allows you to discover your inner nature, increases concentration and brings emotional stability. It creates a powerful atmosphere that uplifts everyone.

Mamma’s & Baba Room

Here in G.G.R.C there are two special rooms for meditation, 1. Baba’s Room & 2. Mamma’s Room so we can experience the power of Baba as well as the love of Mamma. An opportunity to experience the power & strength of Father and the gentleness & loving belongingness of Mother.

Regular Tapasya Bhatti

There are regular Bhatti’s scheduled for tapasya. Tapasya Bhattis are the most effective way for self-transformation. Different commentaries and deep intense yoga classes will help to experience the original state of soul. When the mind starts thinking deeply in silence and comes to the silent stage one can feel eternal bliss.

Growth in Being Embodiment (Dharana)

Experiment With Nature

Nature cures the soul. It cleans you of all sadness, tension, stress and lets you feel free, relaxed and wonderful inside. You can have a good chance to do meditation with nature under the open sky at this place. Use your creativity to enhance your spiritual experiences with various experiments done with elements of nature.

Reflection & Introspection

Self-reflection helps to build emotional self-awareness. Spirituality helps to understand your emotions, strengths, weaknesses and driving factors. Analyse yourself & determine to what extent your soul consciousness has been bound by the roots of ignorance. Real freedom is possible only when those roots are served.

Learning & Practicing Opportunities

The spiritual wisdom is not just limited towards learning it, in fact real effects are seen upon regular application.. GGRC is meant to be a place full of resources, newness and creativity where you get to learn lots of new things on a daily-basis as you get like-minded company of other Brahmins and learn from rich interactions and its practice.

Growth in Spiritual Service (Seva)

Service in various department

GGRC being a Retreat Centre as well as a Residential Complex, gives a great opportunity to serve in various departments of your choice. From the Kitchen department to the Security department, every small and big act of selfless service counts in creating a powerful atmosphere. Being soul conscious, one can be an instrument for the world’s service.

Service through Mind / Words / Action

Thoughts that create vibrations and words are as important as action. Choose your words wisely, because they will influence your happiness, your relationship and your personal growth. Our thoughts convert into our words & our words convert to actions. By aligning our thoughts, words and actions we become an example.

Spiritual Museum and Art Gallery

This museum is going to have historical flashbacks of this establishment of Maha Yagna. The uniqueness of the Art Gallery lies in its ability to display various stages of a soul and its spiritual journey of 84 births. As of now, it is under construction.

Spiritual drops of knowledge make the peaceful world