Life in G.G.R.C.

BK brothers and sisters who will be staying here.
They can pursue and follow their divine life with all discipline in all their activities.
They will become an example for living with one interest in common and with unanimity in all.
This divine Centre will strive to become a reflection of a SATYUGI MODEL

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Daily Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual wellness is the quest for your life’s meaning and purpose, as well as aiming for consistency in your values and actions. G.G.R.C is having a daily schedule such that you can experience inner power & happiness. The day starts at 3:30am with the Amrit Vela meditation. You can have good quality time to let your soul connect with deep silence and connect with the Supreme Soul. There will be Murli classes as a routine schedule. There are also a few ongoing programs listed for your daily purusharth. In the evening you can also have a chance to meditate in the garden with nature under the open sky before you wind-up the day at around 10pm.

River Side Walk

This place is nestled in the surroundings of beautiful nature and river, you can go for a long walk around riverside pathways and enjoy the company of being with nature all the time. Walking & jogging lowers the stress level & increases the flow of oxygen to the brain thereby increasing the level of happiness. The sound of water has a soothing melody, which makes you feel relaxed.

Silence Zones

Silence has its own language & vibes. Solitude aids in spiritual growth. G.G.R.C is covered with such beautiful nature and very peaceful surroundings where you can practice to stay in deep silence for as long as you can. This distraction free time can heal you, relax you and bring about a number of changes within you- not just on the physical level, but on the mental level too. Silence can promote introspection and help you find meaningful connections in your everyday life.


G.G.R.C is made of surrounding garden areas as it adds to re-energizing greenery & lively colors. Spend great “Me” time in the Garden Area. You can do your extra purusharth or can choose this place for playing games, reading books or writing an article in silence. Walking bare-foot in the garden is always beneficial for our health as well.

Spiritual drops of knowledge make the peaceful world