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G.G.R.C (Gujarat Global Retreat Center Private Limited) has been registered with appropriate governmental authorities. GGRC Pvt. Ltd. is a company formed under the Indian statute near Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India.

This project Founded by Brahma Kumaris (BK) Students who follow BK philosophy and lifestyle. Brahma Kumaris is a worldwide spiritual movement dedicated to personal transformation and world renewal. The spiritual headquarters of Brahma Kumaris is in Mount Abu, India. Founded in India in 1937, Brahma Kumaris has spread to over 146 countries.

The Gujarat Global Retreat Centre is a spiritual community - a first of its kind - thoughtfully planned and designed by a group of BK Students exclusively for the BK divine family.

Many of the BK brothers and sisters in our Divine Family who have chosen the spiritual path in their life, have expressed a deep desire to have a centrally situated residential place where they can live together and make their Spiritual progress.

Retreat is the act of giving up and withdrawing or a time away in a quiet and secluded place where you can relax.

A place affording peace, solitude, privacy & security. The campus has an aesthetic appeal with well planned lanes of row-houses / bungalows & silent pathways nested in beautiful farmland on the riverside.

GGRC is a perfect place for meditation, personal transformation and spiritual service.

We heartily welcome all in pursuit of Peace & happiness to visit this retreat centre and take advantage of being yourself; with the company of nature. You can feel the vibes of peace and have a golden “Me” time here!


Our vision is to create a space dedicated for BKs where-in through their Yoga & Tapasya, this Spiritual township becomes a source for emitting vibrations of peace in the world.

This Spiritual township is made exclusively for BKs wherein they can practice Spirituality & Purity of the highest order.


Enhancing the feeling of belongingness across age groups of all the residents through Meditation Retreats & Godly services. Thus, creating a Divine atmosphere to experience Spiritual freedom leading to Inner upliftment.

To create a model of Satyugi Swarajya (Golden Aged sovereignty) based on the 4 pillars of Trust, Discipline, Cooperation and Divine Love where each one feels Double Light and experiences Sweet Silence.

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Dr. Mukesh Patel
Vinay Shukla
Yogesh Mehta

Spiritual drops of knowledge make the peaceful world