Gujarat Global Retreat Centre


A Divine Community designed by BKs for BKs

The Gujarat Global Retreat Centre is thoughtfully planned by BKs, for BK divine family.

Nested in farmland on the riverside, the retreat centre is a perfect place for meditation, personal transformation and spiritual service.

The retreat centre will be constructed in two Phases.

  • Phase I will include bungalows and flats for permanent residents.
  • Phase II will include the retreat centre's facilities for Godly service, including an auditorium for daily murli, a Baba's room, a unique Mamma's room, a museum and much more.
  • This residence scheme is for BK divine family who follows BK principles since minimum two years.

    Spiritual Complex

    Large complex for BK Brothers / Sisters

    Residential Complex

    Bungalows & Apartments to stay of Divine family.

    BK brothers and sisters who will be staying here.

    They can pursue and follow their divine life with all discipline in all their activities.

    They will become an example for living with one interest in common and with unanimity in all.

    This divine Centre will strive to become a reflection of a SATYUGI MODEL

    Proposed Plan

    Own your Residence in a Spiritual Retreat Center